Welcoming Clients
with a Holistic Approach

Bloom’s all-female team includes moms, entrepreneurs, and minorities as well.  Together they bring a diverse skillset to support small businesses. Stephanie, Founder at Bloom, looks for fun and personable ways to connect. For example, what is your enneagram sign?

“Holistic accounting means that we serve you best through the thoughtful understanding of your whole business and personal values, not just numbers.”

Exploring a number of playful and friendly typefaces, the Bloom logo illustrates Team Bloom’s “when you grow, we grow” mission, welcoming flexibility with a variety of small business offerings. Goodbye stuffy accountant stereotype!

We collaborated and developed a color story unafraid of pinks, lavenders, and a rose gold. After branding was in place, I further developed print collateral and website design into a cohesive look.

Every Day is Caturday

Bloom's in-house assistant Taco welcomes customers with his very own tax tips. #tacothetaxcat

Creative Services

Bloom’s Color Story

Bloom trifold brochure cover

Bloom’s Trifold Brochure Cover