Keep on Truckin'

Going into large scale design has its challenges. Large file sizes reaching to a gigabyte and producing optimum high resolution images can take time to produce. Truck wraps are no exception. Very much like tradeshow graphics, you are looking for the most impact in a large interactive space. 

Concept development included working with water splashes, neon lighting, fruits, and finding the right balance placing together all truck views. We explored both dark and light backgrounds and different messaging on each side. I have no doubt the neon colors are highly visible night and day as it travels across Nashville.


High Contrast with Patterns

With a very different brand style compared to Neon Cowboy, Scofflaw uses black and white as a constant, and it meets with bright punches of color in their 12 oz. cans illustrated here. With a refresh on branding, it was time to update their truck design. Core beers named Basement and POG Basement were at the forefront. 

The design becomes a play on can pattern to the background pattern. We explored how much pattern to include along with placing messaging in various areas. There remains grunge-styled line art, but as the Scofflaw brand evolved, we continued using less grunge elements (such as grunge fonts, stamps, splatters, and inks).

Adding Dimension

Adobe Dimension is great for 3D render effects with lighting and surface texture.

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