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I'm here to provide mindful and effective options tailored to your small business budget.

I am grateful to work with small businesses with diverse backgrounds including yoga studio owners, a civil engineer, musicians, and a small business bookkeeper. 

Small Business Pricing
Not all budgets are the same and sometimes you only need a few hours of design help. Maybe you wish to try out new graphics for a seasonal sale. I get that too. I’d love to hear your story and collaborate on your next project. 

Let's brainstorm together.
Collaborate with me on colors, references, and what you envision. We can discuss goals, timing, and budget options too.

Want to start a color story for inspiration? Play with color here; it's free. Create a color palette.
First Drafts Presented
Time to Design
2-3 drafts are created showing options in font treatments, colors, layouts, icons, and illustrations. We then pick a direction that works best to refine and revise from.
First Drafts Presented
3 Rounds of Revisions
Revise + Improve
We work together on 3 rounds of revisions.
3 Rounds of Revisions
Files are saved and sent in appropriate formats and sizes. Colors and photo/illustration resources are organized, labelled, and stored. Guides are provided to maintain design consistency and integrity for future uses.

Ready to start a project
or have design questions?

Client Highlight

About Bloom
Our all-female team comes from a variety of backgrounds. Each of the Bloom staff brings a diverse skillset to the company. These women are moms, entrepreneurs, and many are minorities as well – our diverse perspectives help us to look at your business with fresh sets of eyes.